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Places in Denmark with GA

Search and find places in Denmark with first letters GA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Denmark with GA

There are 86 places in Denmark beginning with 'GA' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Gabense   to   Gammel Ullits
Places in Denmark with GA
Gabense Gåbense1.Zealand Zealand-
Gabol Gabøl2.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gadbjerg Gadbjerg3.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gadeby Gadeby4.Capital Region Capital Region-
Gadeby Gadeby5.Capital Region Capital Region-
Gadevang Gadevang6.Capital Region Capital Region-
Gadsbolle Gadsbølle7.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gadstrup Gadstrup8.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gadstrup Gadstrup9.Zealand Zealand-
Gaerum Gærum10.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gaerup Gærup11.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gaerup Gærup12.South Denmark South Denmark-
Galdbjerg Galdbjerg13.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gallehus Gallehus14.South Denmark South Denmark-
Galsted Galsted15.South Denmark South Denmark-
Galstho Galstho16.South Denmark South Denmark-
Galten Galten17.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Galten Galten18.Central Jutland Central Jutland4,895
Galtrup Galtrup19.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gamborg Gamborg20.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gamby Gamby21.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gamle Arnborg Gamle Arnborg22.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Gamle Vodskov Gamle Vodskov23.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gamlevaelde Gamlevælde24.Capital Region Capital Region-
Gamlose Gamløse25.Zealand Zealand-
Gammel Agersted Gammel Agersted26.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gammel Albo Gammel Ålbo27.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gammel Asmild Gammel Asmild28.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Gammel Blahoj Gammel Blåhøj29.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Gammel Hampen Gammel Hampen30.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Gammel Hasseris Gammel Hasseris31.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gammel Havdrup Gammel Havdrup32.Zealand Zealand-
Gammel Holte Gammel Holte33.Capital Region Capital Region-
Gammel Hvam Gammel Hvam34.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Gammel Hviding Gammel Hviding35.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gammel Ladegard Gammel Ladegård36.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gammel Lejre Gammel Lejre37.Zealand Zealand-
Gammel Lundby Gammel Lundby38.Zealand Zealand-
Gammel Norager Gammel Nørager39.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gammel Nyby Gammel Nyby40.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gammel Ronbjerg Gammel Rønbjerg41.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Gammel Rye Gammel Rye42.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Gammel Sindal Gammel Sindal43.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gammel Skorping Gammel Skørping44.North Denmark North Denmark-
Gammel Skovbol Gammel Skovbøl45.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gammel Skrobelev Gammel Skrøbelev46.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gammel Stenderup Gammel Stenderup47.South Denmark South Denmark-
Gammel Svebolle Gammel Svebølle48.Zealand Zealand-
Gammel Ullerod Gammel Ullerød49.Capital Region Capital Region-
Gammel Ullits Gammel Ullits50.North Denmark North Denmark-

1 - 50 of 86 places
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