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Places in Denmark with BA

Search and find places in Denmark with first letters BA.

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Alphabetical index of places in Denmark with BA

There are 103 places in Denmark beginning with 'BA' (in alphabetical order).
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Page 1:   Babberup   to   Ballen
Places in Denmark with BA
Babberup Babberup1.Zealand Zealand-
Badsbol-Ballum Bådsbøl-Ballum2.South Denmark South Denmark-
Badsted Bådsted3.Capital Region Capital Region-
Baek Bæk4.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baekbo Bækbo5.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Baekhuse Bækhuse6.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baekke Bække7.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baekke Mark Bække Mark8.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baekkehave Bækkehave9.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baekkelund Bækkelund10.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Baekken Bækken11.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baekkeskov Bækkeskov12.Zealand Zealand-
Baekmark Bækmark13.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baekmarksbro Bækmarksbro14.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Baeksgard Bæksgård15.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baekstrup Bækstrup16.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baelum Bælum17.North Denmark North Denmark-
Bagenkop Bagenkop18.South Denmark South Denmark-
Bago By Bågø By19.South Denmark South Denmark-
Bagsvaerd Bagsværd20.Capital Region Capital Region-
Bagterp Bagterp21.North Denmark North Denmark-
Bajlum Bajlum22.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Bajstrup Bajstrup23.South Denmark South Denmark-
Bakbjerg Bakbjerg24.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Bakkebjerg Bakkebjerg25.Capital Region Capital Region-
Bakkebolle Bakkebølle26.Zealand Zealand-
Bakkebolle Fredskov Bakkebølle Fredskov27.Zealand Zealand-
Bakkegarde Bakkegårde28.Capital Region Capital Region-
Bakkendrup Bakkendrup29.Zealand Zealand-
Bakkerup Bakkerup30.Zealand Zealand-
Baldersbaek Baldersbæk31.South Denmark South Denmark-
Baldersbronde Baldersbrønde32.Capital Region Capital Region-
Bale Bale33.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Balka Balka34.Capital Region Capital Region-
Balke Balke35.Capital Region Capital Region-
Balle Balle36.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Balle Balle37.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Balle Balle38.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Balle Balle39.South Denmark South Denmark-
Balle Balle40.South Denmark South Denmark-
Balle Balle41.Zealand Zealand-
Balle By Balle By42.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Balle Kirkeby Balle Kirkeby43.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Balle Strand Balle Strand44.Zealand Zealand-
Ballebo Ballebo45.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Ballebro Ballebro46.South Denmark South Denmark-
Balleby Balleby47.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Ballen Ballen48.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Ballen Ballen49.Central Jutland Central Jutland-
Ballen Ballen50.South Denmark South Denmark-

1 - 50 of 103 places
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