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Largest places in Denmark

The largest cities and places in Denmark at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Denmark.

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Largest places in Denmark
Solrod Solrød301.Zealand Zealand2,000
Ejby Ejby302.South Denmark South Denmark1,996
Ulfborg Ulfborg303.Central Jutland Central Jutland1,994
Kas Kås304.North Denmark North Denmark1,990
Ejby Ejby305.Zealand Zealand1,987
Fuglebjerg Fuglebjerg306.Zealand Zealand1,985
Vadum Vadum307.North Denmark North Denmark1,978
Sabro Sabro308.Central Jutland Central Jutland1,977
Lojt Kirkeby Løjt Kirkeby309.South Denmark South Denmark1,975
Ulstrup Ulstrup310.Central Jutland Central Jutland1,963
Ryomgard Ryomgård311.Central Jutland Central Jutland1,952
Vekso Veksø312.Capital Region Capital Region1,921
Stenlille Stenlille313.Zealand Zealand1,905
Neder Vindinge Neder Vindinge314.Zealand Zealand1,900
Nodebo Nødebo315.Capital Region Capital Region1,875
Hojslev Højslev316.Central Jutland Central Jutland1,857
Tars Tårs317.North Denmark North Denmark1,856
Holeby Holeby318.Zealand Zealand1,844
Allingabro Allingåbro319.Central Jutland Central Jutland1,842
Sonder Bjert Sønder Bjert320.South Denmark South Denmark1,815
Orslev Ørslev321.Zealand Zealand1,801
Harboore Harboøre322.Central Jutland Central Jutland1,745
Krusa Kruså323.South Denmark South Denmark1,694
Hornsyld Hornsyld324.Central Jutland Central Jutland1,619
Brenderup Brenderup325.South Denmark South Denmark1,366
AEroskobing Ærøskøbing326.South Denmark South Denmark951
Gedser Gedser327.Zealand Zealand832
Harndrup Harndrup328.South Denmark South Denmark652
Hamlet Hamlet329.Zealand Zealand248
Anholt Anholt330.Central Jutland Central Jutland160
Stubberup Stubberup331.Zealand Zealand108

301 - 331 of 331 places
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