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Largest places in Denmark

The largest cities and places in Denmark at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Denmark.

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Largest places in Denmark
Virklund Virklund201.Central Jutland Central Jutland3,113
Glamsbjerg Glamsbjerg202.South Denmark South Denmark3,099
Holsted Holsted203.South Denmark South Denmark3,096
Dronninglund Dronninglund204.North Denmark North Denmark3,084
Framlev Framlev205.Central Jutland Central Jutland3,067
Jelling Jelling206.South Denmark South Denmark3,059
Logumkloster Løgumkloster207.South Denmark South Denmark3,056
Vissenbjerg Vissenbjerg208.South Denmark South Denmark3,055
Hammerum Hammerum209.Central Jutland Central Jutland3,025
Vinderup Vinderup210.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,991
Bullerup Bullerup211.South Denmark South Denmark2,982
Solbjerg Solbjerg212.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,964
Ullerslev Ullerslev213.South Denmark South Denmark2,962
Pandrup Pandrup214.North Denmark North Denmark2,942
Sundby Sundby215.Zealand Zealand2,922
Liseleje Liseleje216.Capital Region Capital Region2,906
Taulov Taulov217.South Denmark South Denmark2,898
Sindal Sindal218.North Denmark North Denmark2,898
Avlum Avlum219.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,875
Sonderso Søndersø220.South Denmark South Denmark2,850
Oksbol Oksbøl221.South Denmark South Denmark2,845
Ganlose Ganløse222.Capital Region Capital Region2,843
Fakse Ladeplads Fakse Ladeplads223.Zealand Zealand2,837
Tinglev Tinglev224.South Denmark South Denmark2,829
Storvorde Storvorde225.North Denmark North Denmark2,796
Alestrup Ålestrup226.North Denmark North Denmark2,787
Rodding Rødding227.South Denmark South Denmark2,769
Hurup Hurup228.North Denmark North Denmark2,769
Skorping Skørping229.North Denmark North Denmark2,722
Brovst Brovst230.North Denmark North Denmark2,710
Langa Langå231.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,710
Christiansfeld Christiansfeld232.South Denmark South Denmark2,709
Stroby Egede Strøby Egede233.Zealand Zealand2,700
Marslet Mårslet234.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,698
Ejby Ejby235.Zealand Zealand2,692
Lunderskov Lunderskov236.South Denmark South Denmark2,687
Norre Aby Nørre Åby237.South Denmark South Denmark2,678
Skibby Skibby238.Capital Region Capital Region2,661
Kibaek Kibæk239.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,656
Bjaeverskov Bjæverskov240.Zealand Zealand2,618
Arup Årup241.South Denmark South Denmark2,592
Thyboron Thyborøn242.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,587
Skaevinge Skævinge243.Capital Region Capital Region2,555
Gram Gram244.South Denmark South Denmark2,548
Strandby Strandby245.North Denmark North Denmark2,518
Arden Arden246.North Denmark North Denmark2,516
Hjortshoj Hjortshøj247.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,515
Horuphav Høruphav248.South Denmark South Denmark2,514
Nordby Nordby249.South Denmark South Denmark2,512
Auning Auning250.Central Jutland Central Jutland2,509

201 - 250 of 331 places
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